Today, the Government of Canada sent a letter to Senate leadership, voicing their strong objection to the proposed electric vehicle (EV) tax credit in the Build Back Better Act.  Canadian officials clearly stated that the proposal is discriminatory toward Canada, Canadian workers, and their auto industry and will defend their national interests and retaliate under USMCA should the current proposal be enacted.

“Senate leadership must listen to and take seriously the continued opposition over the discriminatory electric vehicle (EV) tax credit in the Build Back Better Act,” said Jennifer Safavian, president and CEO of Autos Drive America. “Today’s letter from the Government of Canada is yet another warning shot that our closest trading partners will not tolerate the detrimental impact of the EV tax credit proposal.  Strong international trade agreements are critical to the success of the U.S. auto industry and have been key to the expansion and growth of the auto sector in North America.  The Senate must remove the discriminatory tax credit proposal around electric vehicles and provide a level playing field for all electric vehicles and all autoworkers.”