Behold the power of a product when a Detroit 3 automaker gets it right.

How many Americans are waiting in line on any given day to buy a Ford F-Series pickup? How many households are longing for a loaded Jeep Wrangler? Who doubts that the upcoming GMC Hummer EV pickup will be the coolest thing in the parking lot in a few months?

It's the business class 101 lecture you didn't bother taking notes in because it was so ridiculously obvious: You study the market to understand what consumers want. You design the best model on the market with all the features people want. You build it with care and commitment. And you sell it fairly to people who value your results.

So then why is it, you may wonder, that a bill is being floated in the Senate to incentivize the sale of electric vehicles if they were manufactured at an assembly plant with a union work force?

What message is that? That auto plants are disadvantaged by having a unionized work force? Really?

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