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National Impact

For more than 60 years, international auto manufacturers and international nameplate dealers have strengthened the American economy and auto industry through their U.S. operations. They conduct research and development, invest in plants and equipment, build* cars and light trucks, and sell and service these vehicles.
Total Investment in America
Direct and Indirect U.S. Jobs Generated
Of All 2021 U.S. Vehicle Production
Facilities Operated in America
International Automakers’ Share of U.S. Auto Production Has Grown from 1% in 1979 to 47% in 2021
Share of total U.S. Production
International Automakers Have Increased Their U.S. Production Volume by More Than 77% Over the Past 25 Years
International Automakers
International Automakers and Auto Dealers Contributed Billions of Dollars to Gross State Product in 2021

State Impact

International automakers' U.S. operations include 500 facilities across America that help energize local economies, create tens of thousands of jobs, and expand the local tax base. International nameplate dealers operate 9,500 dealerships across the country. Click below to learn more about our economic impact in your state.

Alabama Data:

total investment


direct employment


purchases from U.S. suppliers


vehicles produced


International Automakers’ Vehicles Made in America

International automakers produced 4.2 million vehicles in America in 2021. 61 different models were exported to 135 markets around the world.

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