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Proposed legislation will make most electric vehicles unaffordable for many American families.

Demand equal treatment for all electric vehicles. Why is Congress pushing legislation that only benefits union autoworkers? It’s an insult to ALL American autoworkers.

Stand with ALL American Auto Workers. 
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Tax incentives for electric vehicles (EVs) play a vital role in helping increase consumer awareness and green vehicle purchase decisions.  Autos Drive America wants to encourage EV investment and create a strong market in the United States that benefits ALL American auto workers and consumers.  

Congress is considering discriminatory legislation that will take 90% of today’s electric vehicles off the table for many American families. Section 202(c) of the “The Clean Energy for America Act” will hamper long-term EV growth in the U.S. by: 

- Limiting full tax benefits to less than 10% of the current EV market, limiting access for Americans seeking alternatives in the other 90% of the market. Consumers will be forced to consider gas-powered vehicles over EVs, hampering growth in the U.S. EV market.

- Discriminating against American workers with a “one size fits all” approach on labor representation — undercutting a worker’s right to choose their representation by putting the products they produce at a disadvantage.

 - Mandating a 2026-production cliff with no consideration for critical supply chain infrastructure, such as domestic battery production, manufacturing flexibility, and EV market conditions.

- Potentially violating WTO rules for the less favorable treatment of “like” imported vehicles.

Today, international automakers account for:

- Nearly half of all U.S. production and new vehicle sales 
- 2.1 million direct and indirect U.S. jobs
- 31 facilities producing vehicles, batteries, and components
- 62% market share of green vehicle sales in 2020


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